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Tenuta Maiano: it’s a whole other world

Passion and love for nature led Gianfranco Nigi to develop an ambitious project: the organic agriculture.
The beginning of that inseparable bond between Gianfranco and the organic dates back to 1984.
It was immediately verified the sustainability of organic agriculture in Montespertoli’s area, and the results recorded exceeded the original expectations.
The intuition was right, like the one of who plays without a score.
And now it was appropriate to realize it.

This opportunity knocks in 2000, when Gianfranco already has a consolidate experience with organic agricolture, and he decides to create Tenuta Maiano, buying the first hectar of arable land and an olive grove in San Quirico. The aim is to diversify the production to discover new “Terroir”. This research leads him to purchase vineyards in Scansano too, where he produces “Morellino di Scansano D.O.C.G

Today the company boasts about 7000 olive trees, 65 hectars of vineyards and 15 hectars of arable land, that following crop rotation, allows us to produce the organic durum wheat from which we make our organic Ancient Grains pasta.
The operative structure is based on five cellars (four of them are fermentation cellars, the other one is a warehouse) and on two management cores.

Thanks to its wise experience, Tenuta Maiano refuses any help from modern product fungicidals, fertilizers, chemical weedkillers.

These treatments with products based on copper and sulfur, the green manure, the organic fertilizers, the soil cultivation, and also the biological control against various parasites, are methods, that even though more expensive, garantee a genuine and unique taste of the final product for the consumer.

Borgo Divino e Tenuta Maiano
biologici per natura

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